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Know what’s sold and when work is performed


Imagine being able to create a crew schedule directly from sold work, determine materials and equipment needed, then process subcontractor payments, all from that same schedule.

With Asset, you can track all your sold jobs in one place, schedule crews, and view hours worked daily. Even view client notes and job details.

Production & Operations Final (Subtitles)
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  • Know what jobs are done and what needs to be completed.
  • Easily move work from one crew to another.
  • Make changes to your schedule based on weather.
  • See when you have openings to get last minute requests completed.

Job Costing

  • See which crews are bringing work in on-time and under budget.
  • Job costing is available as work is done so project managers can make changes before you have exceeded budget and lost money.
  • Understand the money generated by man hour.
  • Maintenance is about selling labor; know which contracts are making you the most money per man hour.


  • Extras on jobs get billed directly from work done in the field.
  • Organize crew visits/services by date and choose what will be shown on monthly statements.
  • Track no charge services on statements.
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7 Operations Tips for a Meaner, Leaner Landscaping Machine


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The information is now all on the computer so we don’t have to call our people and ask them what their paper says. Instead of taking hours, we now have the information in  minutes. It’s been a drastic change. It’s lowered our cost and the time it takes for our employees to fill out paperwork at the end of the day.

RSG Landscaping – Steven May

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