It’s that time of year again. Dust off the books and see how you did last year and what you can do to improve your company’s sustainability in 2017.

What New Year’s resolutions do you have in place to take your company to the next level?

To help you get started, here are nine New Year’s resolutions to incorporate into your landscaping company in 2017:

 1.  Improve your customers’ experience:  In today’s market, it’s all about the customer—and it should be. Improve your customer’s experience from the time he/she calls your office for an appointment down to when the crews are done and packed up after a project is finished.

2.  Look at what the numbers say:  Chuck Cohn, in an article titled, “Business New Year’s Resolutions Every CEO Should Make,” says that a business owner should “aim to understand projections themselves as well as the mathematical formulas behind them that led you to those projections.”  The numbers tell your company’s story. Even if math isn’t your forte, you can still learn how to read the numbers to get a total picture of how your company is doing.

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3.  Make a plan for sustainability and growth:  You want your outdoor living business to continue to grow in 2017. After taking a look at the numbers and what 2016’s outcomes were, you’re now set to plan for the New Year.

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4.  Educate your employees:  Lifelong learning is important to help your teams improve in their job roles. Don’t be afraid to provide learning opportunities, programs and trade show visits to help everyone—from your office staff, to project managers, to crews so all of them can perform their job duties more efficiently.

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5.  Celebrate milestones:  When your company reaches a milestone—landing that big commercial account, increased sales within the first quarter or any other way your business is growing and succeeding—take time out of your schedule to celebrate with your team and crews. They helped you get there when they embraced your vision and made it a reality.

6.  Learn how to communicate better as a team: Communication is one of the keys to a company’s success. Everyone needs help in communicating better—which includes good listening skills. Commit to learning and teaching your employees and partners the art of good communication.  Another component of good communication is brand awareness. Everyone at your company should know and be passionate about your brand—and be able to translate that enthusiasm to your clients.

7.  Motivate and inspire your team: While you can’t force anyone to have a good attitude, you can lead your employees and crews to enjoy their work. When you’re excited about landscape design, construction and maintenance—even passionate about it—those attitudes will percolate down to everyone else.

8.  Improve your social: There’s no doubt about it—you need to have a company website, social media platforms, and be willing to frequently update all of them. Pictures tell a thousand words—so put up before and after shots of your best projects. Find out where your ideal customers hang out on social media, use the right content creation to drive folks to your website and strive to meet your clients’ pain points.

9.  Invest in a software program to bring all of your operations under one umbrella: Did you know that investing in the right software program for your landscape management business can help you save money, time and even overhead? A business software program can also help you communicate better as a team, it’ll motivate and inspire, as well as help you develop a sustainable business plan. Include software’s Asset program will help you organize and grow your business.

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Source: Cohn, Chuck, “Business New Year’s Resolutions Every CEO Should Make,”

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