How artificial intelligence and landscape business management software work together.Artificial Intelligence (or “A.I.”) is defined as the theory and the development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks which normally require human intelligence. A.I. is everywhere and it is undoubtedly revolutionizing the world we live in.

In fact, you’d be hardpressed to get through a day without encountering A.I. in one form or another. From our household gadgets to our mobile devices and even to the way that we do business and conduct daily tasks, A.I. is used in so many of these items and operations that it has become a part of our everyday lives.

And in many ways, it makes our life easier. Oftentimes we use it without even realizing it as it’s just become a part of the processes we use. Websites such as Google and Amazon, for instance, employ A.I. in order to help guide your search process, or to assist your shopping experience, and to ultimately help you make better decisions.

Google reports that they use “deep neural networks” that are meant to analyze vast amounts of digital data and help better identify pictures or recognize commands. This makes the search engine process more precise. In other words, behind-the-scenes, Google is continually looking to improve the process for users.

That is exactly the goal for Include, as well. In this article, we’ll explain how we’re using AI to attempt to increase our efficiency and ultimately make our clients’ lives easier.

A.I. and Landscape Business Management Software

These days, everyone wants a piece of A.I. Companies that care about keeping up with the latest trends and about adopting technology that will improve their customer experience are particularly interested in how AI can help.

How artificial intelligence and landscape business management software work together.At Include Software, we have adopted A.I. to help simplify the question and answer process for some of the more basic user questions. When a user submits a support ticket, the A.I. will search the email for keywords and then, when applicable, will suggest articles from our knowledge base so that the user can potentially solve their issue before a team member even gets a chance to respond to their query.

The idea behind this is that many support issues can be closed with a single answer and if we can provide that answer even more quickly, then users are able to get on with their business day with less disruption or wait time. In this sense, users are able to “self-help” when it comes to questions about their landscape business management software, and that’s valuable because most people would rather get a quick answer and move on.

We find that a large majority of people like the ability to self-help. It’s the same reason why Google is so popular. If someone has a question about something, they often turn first to Google to ask it. If they can get it answered on their own, quickly, then the issue is resolved without the need for further exploration. We’re looking to create that same experience in order to provide our clients with the quickest and most helpful information possible regarding their landscape business management software.

A.I. Does is Not a Replacement for Human Interaction

Whenever a conversation about A.I. comes up, there are always going to be questions about computers replacing humans and that’s certainly something that we want to address.

In other industries, A.I. is thought of as a complement to human intelligence. In medicine, for example, robotics help doctors to perform more precise surgeries. In health information technology, A.I. helps coders to spot errors on patient charts. And in the application of operating landscape business management software, we see A.I. as a tool that can help get our clients information quickly. What we do not see it as is a replacement for human interaction.

How artificial intelligence and landscape business management software work together.One thing that many of our clients say they like so much about Include Software is the ability to get a real person on the phone to walk them through a problem. And that support is not going away just because we’ve also employed A.I. to better serve our clients.

We understand that any support question that is more in-depth than a single answer is not going to be answered by A.I.. Where this technology really shines is in smaller issues that often fall under the “frequently asked questions” category of support. We still believe small issues are just as important as large ones. The difference is that they can sometimes be answered faster.

Of course, you may not find the suggested articles helpful, and that’s okay. When users receive suggestions for articles (after submitting their support ticket), they then have the opportunity to mark the article as “Not Helpful” if it does not answer their question. By doing this, it also helps the A.I. technology to evolve and to ultimately learn to suggest better articles in the future.

It also helps us to provide better information to you.

We recently noticed that our “Hardware Specification” document was not answering our clients’ questions. We saw that it was receiving a lot of “Not Helpful” attention. So, we took the opportunity to revisit this document and to re-write the content to be more informative and digestive. Upon doing so, that document is now successfully solving many of our clients’ questions. They’re happy to be getting their problem solved quickly.

An added benefit that has come about from the adoption of this process has been the opportunity for users to learn something new about their landscape business management software that they didn’t know before. The article presented to the user may open a whole new door, such as the opportunity to learn about a feature they didn’t realize existed. Therefore, even if users don’t have their question answered, we’ve found that using A.I. has helped facilitate ongoing education and continual learning for all of our clients.

Better Service, Better Support

How artificial intelligence and landscape business management software work together.At the end of the day, our goal in implementing A.I. into our support process was to provide better service and ultimately stronger support to our users, like you. We know that you are busy running your landscaping business and that you want your problems solved swiftly and efficiently. This is just one way that we’re looking at improving that experience for you.

If we can help you to get an answer that is quick, and that truly solves your problem, then we view that as a win. Of course, we are always here to support you and answer any questions that you may have, regardless of whether A.I. can assist you with them or not.

While we will always look for ways that we can better serve and support our customers, we will never replace that human element that we are known for and that helps us connect with each of our clients on a more personal level.

We know that A.I. can never replace the knowledge and experience that comes from human interactions, and we’re not trying to do that. We view A.I. as just one more asset in our toolbox that helps us to be better for you.

If you’d like to find out more about our landscape business management software products, as well as the support that we can provide to your landscaping business, contact us for a free demo or give us a call at 800-475-0311.

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