Are you tired of keying the same data into multiple software programs? Yet, you know that all of the data is not complete or is redundant because it’s not streamlined.

Include Software’s, Asset™ can help you consolidate all of your information into one software program.  Asset™ is specifically designed for landscape owner/operators, and it allows various departments within the company to plug in their information:

Here are some key benefits to investing in Asset™:

  1. No more redundant data entry
  2. Improved job costing
  3. More consistent pricing by your sales team
  4. Better tools to make mark-up work profitable
  5. More extensive reporting available
  6. More timely reports for key players of your landscape company
  7. Precise billing for extra work that you provided for your customers
  8. More accurate information across all departments
  9. Sales, operations and administration now can work more cohesively
  10. More data available because of this integrated business software
  11. Better communication to production to have the right materials and equipment for upcoming jobs.

An Asset™ client says, “The user interface is simple and tailored for each user’s position in the organization. This sets our people free to do what they do best and not waste time wrestling with software problems.”

Your FAQ’s Answered

Still, you may have some other questions before you consider contacting us at Include® Software. Here are some that we anticipated:

  1. Why should landscape owner/operators choose Asset™ Software over other business software?

It’s the only software you need to run your entire business: accounting and administrative functions, production and crew management, executive and reporting capabilities and sales/marketing coordination. Each department integrates seamlessly with all of the others. And best of all, Asset™ has been specifically developed for the needs of the landscape and snow and ice removal industries.

  1. How long does it take to train a customer and his/her staff?

It typically takes anywhere from six to nine months for the data conversion, implementation and the training process. Training is done through a web-based session where our knowledge trainers train on specific Asset™ functionality.

Scott G of Moana Nursery says, “Include® Software provided substantial training resources including a highly structured implementation plan, weekly one-on-one training (70+ hours), homework exercises, testing, 90+ on demand training videos, a superb help menu and a test system that let us explore/practice in the software before our system was ready.”

  1. When can a customer expect results?

Our clients see results as they go through the data conversion and training process, as they start to put all of their information into one software program rather than duplicating entry and efforts into multiple systems. The information—all information—is easily available, thanks to the smart integration of a full business management software.

As client Scott G. of Moana Nursery states, “As a company who has recently gone live, we can attest that the effort of implementation was more than worth it. Each day, we are becoming a better-run company in all phases of our business rather than just achieving incremental improvements in the problem areas that demanded most attention. We only wish we had it sooner.”

  1. What happens when a client needs technical help during the work day? During off hours?

Include® Software provides Support Pro Unlimited which includes support for Asset™ users through our Client Care team.

Are you ready to make your company more cohesive with better communication and information? If you’re a landscape company owner, president, CFO, CEO or any other key personnel within your business, contact us today at 800-475-0311 or by filling out our contact form.

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