Could you use a software program that keeps track of your landscape company’s labor force with pinpoint accuracy?

Asset’s Production and Operations program allows you to keep the following organized in one place:

  • Optimized schedules and routes
  • Allocated man hours
  • Purchased materials
  • And equipment that’s available for each project

And this unique software enables you to make adjustments to contracts and projects as they unfold, rather than waiting until after the project is finished.

Money Generated by Man Power

At Include Software, we know that you sell labor, and if your crews don’t stay within the budgeted hours, you won’t make any money. We also understand that your profit margins are thin and keeping track of these margins are critical for your financial success.

For example, gross margins on a contract can be very similar from one contract to another. Yet, when you compare gross margin to “dollars” generated per man on the project, labor is the true differentiator, and it shows which contract is making you the most money.

Here are six additional benefits that you get from using Asset:

  1. Accurate information from sales, to Production and Operations, to administration.
  2. There is no duplication of data entry.
  3. Within Asset, you’ll receive fully customized reports while the project progresses.
  4. Consistent pricing.
  5. Easy to create estimates, proposals and contracts.
  6. Mobile time and materials tracking.

You also see a return on investment (ROI) within six months of using this software program. Your company will grow without added administration because of Asset’s improved practices, process and procedures. At Include Software, we bring knowledge from working with hundreds of landscape design/build companies. We pass this knowledge onto you, our clients, through our implementation training process and continuing education with our User Group Conferences and networking events. We have landscape companies that doubled their revenues without adding a single administrative employee.

If your landscape company is ready to take the first step in making your company more profitable and streamlined, call us today at 800-475-0311 or fill out our contact form.

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