It’s difficult to keep track of where your money goes when running a busy landscape company. You have vendors and employees to pay as well as keeping you updated on jobs and materials.

Now Include Software’s Asset™ can help you keep all of your accounting and administration duties in one place.

When you invest in Asset business software program, you’re receiving a fully integrated and robust system. Additionally, the system’s unique accounting features are Generally Accepted Accounting Principles’ (GAAP) compliant.

Plus, you have limitless data and reporting available to keep you in control of the money going out and coming into your company. When you enter information into the program, whether that’s employee details, billing or invoicing, it syncs throughout the system, eliminating duplicate efforts and minimizing mistakes and inaccuracies.


Two of Asset’s best qualities include flexibility and options. You can bill any type of work, and Asset will accommodate it—freeing up your time so you can grow your landscape business.

For example, different jobs require different invoices. With Asset, you can assign one of three bill types as Time and Materials. This assignment triggers the system to create an invoice that will bill the client for:

  • Time worked on a task
  • Related materials that were used to accomplish that task

Here are some other benefits of Asset’s billing program:

  • Invoices are created as soon as work is posted
  • If needed, invoices can be reviewed and changed
  • There are batch billing functions within the program that fit perfectly with contract billing
  • Safety nets within the system advise you of any missed billing
  • A process is available to manage deposits for future work
  • A process is set up to track and report Accounts Receivable Aging Schedule
  • Asset’s CRM component, CX, has different functions to allow for collections management
  • The system warns users if jobs are on hold. If they are on hold, it will prevent work from being dispatched.
  • Asset supports American Institute of Architects (AIA) applications for job payment

How Asset™ Helps Your Company Make and Manage Money

Asset business software organizes and frees up your administrative time so you can pursue different avenues of business growth. And increased business growth means prosperity.

When you integrate all of the functions, you won’t duplicate and repeat the same data entry. Plus, your accounts payable and receivable are more accurate. Here are some other Asset features:

  • Billing is generated as soon as a job is done
  • Safety nets are built within the system to prevent missed billing
  • Immediate job costing is available so you can track, manage and take action for each job
  • The job costing feature also gives you a clearer and more accurate picture when it comes to bidding and staying competitive in your local market

Power in Purchases

One of Asset’s unique features includes Power in Purchases. Asset’s Purchasing and Accounts Payable module is fed by the estimating component. Once a proposal is sold and sent to production, the required materials are automatically established in the purchasing system. This allows materials to be managed and ordered by need date. Additionally, this program allows for all company requirements to be managed together. Materials can be purchased in bulk as needed—providing good relationships with your vendors and the opportunity for better pricing.

Asset Tracks Your Employees’ Information in One Spot

You can now get rid of all of your file folders and filing cabinets. Asset allows you to capture and maintain all employee information, such as

  • Personal information
  • Wages and deductions
  • W2 information
  • Certifications
  • Paid time off
  • And other personnel details

Do you want to house all of your employees, material purchases and billing into one software program? You can learn more about Include Software’s Asset by calling us at 800.475.0311 or by filling out our contact form.

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