Do you want to give your crews up-to-date information while they’re out in the field? Do you want to save money and yield better efficiency by having all materials on hand the day of the project rather than having crews stop at a big box store on the way to their first job?

Then you need iCREWtek.

iCREWtek, Include Software’s app, connects your office and operations with your work crews in real time—allowing employees to focus on productive work rather than paperwork.

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Specifically, how does iCREWtek help you? There are many benefits to using iCREWtek. Here is just a sampling:

  • It saves you time: Crews know at the beginning of the day what work needs to be performed, budgeted hours, materials, equipment and optimal route. Having this information first thing in the morning empowers your crews to do what they do best— efficiently produce quality work.
  • It saves you money: You know how much the project, materials and time on the job is going to cost. There are no surprise additional costs to you or to your customer.
  • It encourages better teamwork between the home office, crew leaders and the crews out in the field: Guesswork is eliminated and less mistakes are made. Crew leaders are able to communicate throughout the day by uploading photos, notes and other information directly from the field to operations and account managers.
  • It’s a proactive system rather than a reactive system: A crew leader can take photos and write any notes about the job. And they’re able to better manage their crew members. For example, if a crew member is out sick that day or the weather changes where crews can’t be out working, the crew leader can make those schedule changes right on the app. The app also allows the crew leader to upsell in the field by communicating directly with clients about landscape improvements while the team is on that particular property. The crew leader can create new work orders, capture signatures and provide the customer with an overall better experience.
  • Read more about iCREWtek’s benefits.

Better Work Productivity

All businesses want employees to spend time on billable work rather than on paperwork or gathering supplies to finish a job. And iCREWtek allows your crews to be more productive.

Crew leaders are challenged every minute of the day to stay current with their workload to ensure that the client’s needs are met. This app makes communication with operations, account managers and the home office possible.

With iCREWtek, the crew leader is self-motivated to use their company’s best practices to check their phones for updated information. The more the crew leader is on top of the workload, the better the crew performs, and the better the company performs as a whole—which leads to a better business bottom line: Profit, performance and pay increase.

Worried about your crews where English is their second language? No problem on that end—iCREWtek has an option where English is translated to Spanish so the crews can communicate with you in real time and stay efficient. You’ll see more motivated crews when they’re empowered with technology that allows them to perform the best work possible.

Get Your Snow Removal Sub-Contractors Connected

Some landscaping companies, who use iCREWtek, require that their snow removal sub-contractors download the app as part of their working agreement.


Snow removal crews and sub-contractors’ workload is dispatched using iCREWtek during a snow event. Incoming service requests can be sent immediately to the crews pushing snow. Information such as

  • Weather conditions
  • Site pictures after snow has been removed
  • The finished site can be recorded, GPS coded as well as time and date stamped
  • Billing can be done using iCREWtek too. Contract amount per push, snow amount and hours on the job can be completed with this handy app.
  • Payables are created using the same system as billing. You use the iCREWtek information that the sub-contractor collected at the job site. You can, then, pay the sub right away
  • Read more about iCREWtek’s features here.

iCREWtek helps your crew leaders and the rest of the team perform each job correctly—with the right equipment and materials needed. Empower your crews to communicate directly with you using the iCREWtek app.

Do you want to learn more about iCREWtek and how it can help you save money and time while crews are out on the field? Then call us at Include Software, 800.475.0311 or fill out our contact form.

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