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Timberland Landscape uses Asset to eliminate duplicate data entry.

The Challenge

What motivated you to look for a new software solution?

With different areas of our business using QuickBooks, CLIP, Excel and Word, everything was piecemeal. We entered the same information multiple times into the different programs. We did not have good job cost information; we had to get the information from the other applications and compile it manually in Excel. We wanted to automate these processes in order to save manpower and man hours.

The Process

What was your process for selecting new software candidates?

A year or two before we purchased Asset, I started reading articles and periodicals to see what was available. At the SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association) trade show I visited Include Software’s booth and learned more about Asset from their team. I also looked at other industry-specific programs, but excluded them because they were cloud-based. To me this was an unacceptable risk of security breach and unauthorized access to the company’s data and information.

The Solution

How did you decide on Asset?

At the trade show I made an appointment with Include Software to further understand Asset and how it might fit with my business. I also called several of the references they provided. Talking with these companies assured me that Asset would offer me the automation I needed along with industry knowledge and experience from Include.

The Implementation

What was the implementation process like?

Quite a bit of work but 100% glad we did it! We knew that we needed to keep an open mind, and also be committed to the process, to follow the instruction of the Include Software implementation team and their trainers. Their team did an excellent job of blending with our team while we were working together. We did our “homework”, put in the time, practiced on the test company they provided. All of it helped. We had the “light bulb moment” when everything started to come together. We would do it all over again.

The Results

How has Asset made a difference for your company?

We are saving so much time and effort in daily operations. Job cost is timely and automatic. We run all of our landscape maintenance estimates through Proposal Manager. All of the information flows from the proposal to accounting and into Schedule Manager. Using iCREWtek has cut down on all the data input that our crews used to do. Work order processing is much faster as well. Most importantly, we now know if we are making money.

We are currently developing our snow templates, which is taking us even further into the capabilities of the software. Yet we know we have just scratched the surface of what it can, and will, do for us. We have built a strong foundation with Asset and Include Software, and the sky’s the limit for the future.

Company Information

Auburn Hills, Michigan
30 Summer / 60 Winter
Locations Using Asset
Single Location
Commercial Maintenance; Weekly Services, Enhancements, Irrigation, Pesticide, Snow

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