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Our History, Passion, & Team

Since the 1980s, Include Software founder, Bill Seven, recognized that landscape companies live and die based on smart decisions that directly impact profitability. Since there was no suitable, industry-specific software to help Bill excel as a lead estimator at his firm, he created his own.

Over the years, this solution evolved to not only provide a robust tool for estimating landscaping work, but also to drive company success for running lean operations departments, and providing rich reporting, accounting, and administration capabilities. 

Today, we are proud to say that over 250 companies throughout North America use our software to run successful organizations, making more money and reducing frustrations. 

We're thrilled about the success of our clients and green industry friends. These include landscape contractors, landscape maintenance companies, snow and ice management/removal businesses, interior plantscapers, nurseries, and lawn and garden centers.

Bill Seven

Bill Seven

In 1988, while working as a landscape estimator in San Diego, I attended a construction industry trade show hunting for new estimating software. There were many choices, even way back then, but none suited to landscape estimating.

I am super entrepreneural, and saw what I thought was a giant opportunity. Within a year, I started a new software company that sold estimating software.

It was not long before we heard a lot of client requests for extensions like scheduling, billing, purchasing, job cost, payroll. The feedback spawned a road map that was impossible to ignore. 27 years later, the road map has changed a bit. It is more mobile. More collaborative. More interesting. Defintely more fun.

Include has matured, but it still feels like a start up to me. High energy. High collaboration. Edgy ideas. And I am truly grateful for the amazing opportunity it gives me every day to work with truly great clients, co-workers, and industry leaders. It keeps me passionate and excited about where we have been. And where we are going. Join us!
Lisa Scrivener

Lisa Scrivener

I am the Director of Client Care Services and have been with Include since 2009.  I love and embrace the challenges that I face on a daily basis and, without exception, learn something new every day!  My business/finance/accounting background led me to paths from large corporations to small businesses (details on LinkedIn) and dropped me at the front door of Include – the best gig by far!

It is a privilege to work with the most amazing clients ever – ours are truly the best!  My goal is to have every single one of them jumping for joy over our products and our service.  Include clients deserve the very best and I strive to provide it to them.

Speaking of privileges…I consider myself so very lucky to work with the most amazing group of people – Team Include is awesome!  And nothing makes me happier than completing crushing each and every one of them at our “friendly” game of corn hole on Friday evenings!

Wendy Koltz

With a background in accounting, I have worked with Asset for the past several years in the landscape/design industry and currently I work with Include Software as a software trainer to help our clients experience all that Asset has to offer. Having gone through an implementation myself – I feel I can offer my clients a unique perspective on the process of switching over to a new software while understanding the growing pains as well. This has allowed me to forge some wonderful relationships with our many clients as they can see how my dedication to their training process takes them from start to finish.

An animal lover, motorcycle rider and outdoor enthusiast—I live near Asheville, North Carolina where I spend my time enjoying the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, volunteering at my local animal rescue and cruising the back roads on my bike.

Nanette Seven

Nanette Seven

As a child, I was tasked with summer chores like weeding the rose garden, and helping to plant and harvest the vegetable garden. These childhood “chores” evolved into something I enjoyed. I have a passion for being outside, whether it is getting my hands dirty gardening, coaching and watching sports, or being on the Chesapeake Bay. Outdoors is where I would prefer to be. So, when the opportunity to work for a high-end residential design build company presented itself, it seemed a good fit. I never imagined that almost 25 years later I would still be working in the landscape industry.

I feel fortunate to have worked for Include for the past 20+ years. I wake up every day and do something that I truly enjoy, and with people I honestly like being around. I travel quite extensively to industry events to stay current on the changing needs of the landscape industry. Learning from our clients, consultants, and peers is also a focus of mine; I want to know what they need to help their businesses grow and thrive. This valuable information is used to help build and improve the software and services Include provides. I personally get great satisfaction knowing that what Include Software does as a team is unmatched in our industry. We provide leading edge software with top-notch customer service, and make a positive impact on people and their businesses every single day.

Angela Kanzaki

Angela Kanzaki

I am a high energy, dog loving, technology enthusiast who has spent the last decade in software product development. I have worn several hats throughout my career from quality assurance analyst to product manager - and everything in between. My passion lies in creating high value, user friendly software so when an opportunity at Include presented itself, it was a no-brainer! Everyday is an adventure as we take our products to the next level. I am beyond excited for all of the great things to come and am grateful to be part of such a fun and innovative team.

When I am not in front of a computer, you can find me taking in the sunshine at the beach, hiking in the mountains or playing in the snow with my husband and two beautiful boxers! I am an optimist at heart and a firm believe that a 30 second dance party can solve almost anything!

Ashely Yount

I hit the jackpot finding Include Software. I have never worked with such a fun, inspiring, creative, and caring individuals.

My background is in implementing, training, and consultation of accounting systems. After working for years in the government sector, the transition to serve the landscape industry has been a refreshing change. I’m continually amazed at our clients’ passion and their openness to collaborate in transforming their company’s success. It’s a breath of fresh air that helps me love what I do.

I’ve worked with a lot of accounting tools. A couple things I particularly love about Include’s products are their flexibility of use and potential for practical application. It’s great to see landscape companies to be able to create meaningful reports just the way they want them configured. And the fact that their entire organization can benefit from these products improving their jobs in a tangible way each day, makes me proud to know I’m helping people enjoy their workplace more.

When I'm not at work, you can rarely find me without my Corgi and Chocolate Lab. If I'm not taking them on an adventure somewhere, I might be at yoga, on the boat, or reading a book in the sun. I love exploring new places, and if I'm going on a vacation, I want to see every mile that new city has to offer.

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Include Software, because of their understanding of the landscape industry, truly has helped us focus on the right topics. They’re helping us to understand how to manage hours and costs and putting it all together in real-time information that we can understand.

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