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Because It's Easier to Build a Big Business on a Single Platform

More of the largest landscaping companies choose Include Software.

Find out why…


98% of Clients Double their Revenue in 5 Years

Make it easier to run your business and it becomes easier to grow your business.


Predictable Pricing Model

Know how much you’re paying (and will pay) for your software. With a per-user pricing model, you can double your revenue and it won’t double your cost!


98% of Clients Become More Profitable

Because Include is a platform that touches every element of your business, you can use it to systematically reduce your overhead. Your crews are more efficient. Cash position is easier to forecast. You will see the impact on your bottom line directly.


Clients Range from $2MM to $65MM

You will sell your company before you outgrow Include.


Lowest Cost of Ownership

Do the math. Include’s products result in the lowest 5-year cost of ownership of any similar software platforms.


Elite Peer Group

As your business grows, you will have the opportunity to join our iCalibrate Peer Group. As a member, you will join an elite group of landscaping executives creating large, multi-million-dollar businesses with consistent double-digit profit margins.


We Focus on Landscaping

For over 30 years, Include has specialized in helping landscaping companies run better. We’ve figured out how to make the process of growing much, much easier.

Include Just Makes Business Sense

3 Reasons Why


Costs Less, Does More

Why pay more for an incomplete solution?


More Predictable Pricing

Our per-user pricing makes it easier to grow since you know your costs every month.


You Save... A Lot

On average, Include costs $70,000 less over 5 years.

How would you use all the extra cash? 

Imagine getting every department, team,
and crew member on the same page with a
single platform.


Built by Landscaping Pros

Meet The Include Executive Staff | The Front-Line of the Include Team
landscape-business-software-include-software-annapolis-md-why-include-section-about-team-member-bill-dark-bg Bill Seven
landscape-business-software-include-software-annapolis-md-why-include-section-about-team-member-Nanette-Dark v2 Nanette Seven
landscape-business-software-include-software-annapolis-md-why-include-section-about-team-member-lisa-dark-bg Lisa Scrivener
landscape-business-software-include-software-annapolis-md-why-include-section-about-team-member-wendy-koltz-dark-bg Wendy Koltz
landscape-business-software-include-software-annapolis-md-why-include-section-about-team-member-nick-dark-bg Nick Williamson
beth palamara hi res website Beth Palamara
Eric Thor Black Eric Thor

Bill Seven

The green industry presents a unique set of challenges for profit-minded business owners. Bill Seven gets those challenges because he lived it first-hand, and founded the company as a way to answer them. In the late 80s, he was working as a lead estimator for a landscaping company, and there was no software that could handle the complex estimates he needed for his clients. Within a year, Include had launched its first landscaping-specific estimation software. For nearly 30 years Bill has been building the most powerful landscaping software on the market. So you can cut your costs, maximize your profit, and make it easier to run a better business.

landscape-business-software-include-software-annapolis-md-why-include-section-about-team-member-Nanette-Dark v2

Nanette Seven

Nanette has deep roots in the landscape industry. And she puts them to work on behalf of Include's many successful clients. Her role takes her across the country learning about industry trends so she can take what she learns and help Include craft better products to solve bigger problems for our clients. Whether you're a $1MM operation or a $20MM+ multi-state enterprise, Nanette's goal is simple: get you the tools you need to run a lean, green, profit-machine.


Lisa Scrivener

When you need something from any of our products or services, Lisa makes sure you get it. Question about how a feature works? She's got the answer. Need to generate a very specific report but not sure where to start? She's got you covered. Curious about how to streamline a process with one of our products? She's on it. Her big goal: help you get more out of your investment with Include. Our entire team is here to help you win...and Lisa is on the front lines.


Wendy Koltz

Getting your business and team on new software can seem daunting...Wendy makes it easy. She's your #1 point of contact for all things training. Her goal is to get you a return on your investment as quickly as possible by getting you and your team up to speed, fast. Before joining the Include team, she went through the implementation process in a landscape design firm. So she knows what it's like to switch over to a new software, along with all the growing pains involved. Training is where the rubber meets the road when adopting a new tool, and Wendy's here to make sure it's a breeze.


Nick Williamson

Nick's here to help you solve problems. Which is convenient, because that's his favorite thing to do. Sometimes, you may need someone in your corner to troubleshoot hardware-ralated issues. Nick's got your back. He's got a military background and takes a hands-on approach to making software and hardware work together. So you can get the most of your Include products and services.

beth palamara hi res website

Beth Palamara

Beth joined our team with an extensive background in human resources, organizational structure, and team building in the tech space.  She believes in open two-way communication and collaboration to resolve people and process problems, and, can help others do the same while enhancing company culture. 

Eric Thor Black

Eric Thor

With over 12 years of ERP software experience and seven years of estimating experience, Eric brings a wealth of knowledge to the Include Team and our clients.   Eric, also known as "Thor,” balances his inner athlete and techie in his approach to his work - hard to believe his passion for technology does not win every time!  You will interact with Eric as a Team Services member when onboarding and optimizing your system.  He will help your business with your initial and ongoing training needs and provide best practices in leveraging your software solution.  

What’s important to
the Include Software TEAM



Create and nurture relationships that allow everyone to understand one another and work collaboratively.

Provide best efforts and be of value to others.

Discover, learn, and apply experiences to enrich yourself and others.



Be you. 

Express your thoughts, ideas, and opinions with courage and respect.

Bring energy, momentum, and passion.

Be kind. Listen, understand, see things from others perspectives.

A simple thank you goes a long way and a grand gesture even further.



Serve, collaborate, create, have fun.

Think, explore, discover, learn, create, deploy.

Be flexible, open to change, willing, and able to pivot.

Continuous Improvement
Ideate, invent, deploy, enhance, ∞.while (include= true){ideate invent deploy}

The Top Landscaping Companies
are Growing with Include

Hittle Landscaping-Include Software
Providing Green Peace of Mind-Include Software
Complete Landsculpture-Include Software
Drost landscape-Include Software
McHale-Include Software
Sposato landscape-Include Software
Schultz Industries-Include Software
Signature Coast-Include Software
RP-MARZILLI-Include Software
Mariani Landscape-Include Software

Every Team. Every Function.
All on One Platform.

Get the landscape software you need to build
a bigger, better business.


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