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Know the state of your landscaping business: past, present, and future


For senior management, Asset’s biggest asset is the executive dashboard which shows and tells you the exact state of your business, past, present, and future.

Asset gives you over 300 reports you need to make good business decisions. You can even customize and create new reports based on your company's unique needs. Report possibilities are endless.

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Reporting at your fingertips

  • All financial statements including balance sheets, budgets, and profit and loss statements are available for your business the way you want to see them.
  • Monitor your sales pipeline and sales goals.
  • Create job costing reports to ensure estimating is accurate.
  • Keep track of where your leads are coming from.
  • See real-time information on your contracts and projects while the work is still in progress.
  • Quickly see which maintenance contracts are making the most money.
  • Revenue and profit reporting by department.



iKPI Executive Dashboard

  • With Asset's add-on, iKPI, you can easily monitor your landscape's company success from anywhere.
  • Customized, powerful dashboards help you visualize departmental success metrics.
  • Stop making guesses on gut feelings and rely on data to improve your business.
  • Specifically created for the landscape industry
  • Easy to use with no training required

10 Crucial Business Reports

Numbers Your Landscaping Company Needs 


You know that your landscape business would benefit from being able to easily pull meaningful reports. But with so many numbers to interpret, it can be overwhelming.

Find out some of the most valuable reports your company should be running on a regular basis and what they mean for tracking your success!




Include Software, because of their understanding of the landscape industry, truly has helped us focus on the right topics. They’re helping us to understand how to manage hours and costs and putting it all together in real-time information that we can understand.

Strathmeyer Landscape – Brian Strathmeyer

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