Case Study:

Denver Landscape Company Reduces $200,000 Annually in Overhead

Schultz Industries became an Asset customer in 2007.

The Challenge

What motivated you to look for a new software solution?

With over $10 million in annual revenues, we realized our internal processes were too time consuming, cumbersome, and prone to error. Our existing software at the time, Peachtree, was insufficient to meet our needs. We were creating work schedules in Excel. Branch managers were writing task lists by hand. Branch assistants were manually entering data for job costing and tracking. Accounting assistants were manually entering data into our payroll system. A controller was consumed with payroll and billing. In addition, we were spending way too much time babysitting everyone and everything.

The Process

What was your process for selecting new software candidates?

What was your process for selecting new software candidates? When we realized we needed to make a change, we began by polling other companies in our industry and conducting research online. We also talked with our employees and incorporated their suggestions. This process took about 8 months and involved several testing demos. As we learned more about Asset and its capabilities, we decided to visit an Include® Software customer in North Carolina to see it work live. After this trip, we were convinced it was the right solution. None of the other software programs were as comprehensive as Asset.

The Solution

What problems did Asset solve?

Asset gave us a complete solution to run our business, along with advanced technology to save time, eliminate double-entry of data, and reduce errors. We were able to seamlessly integrate all of our previously disconnected systems, including estimating, proposals, accounting, payroll, scheduling, and purchasing. Everything we needed to run our business was there in the program, from scheduling to accounting.

The Implementation

What was the implementation process like? What type of support did you receive?

We implemented both Asset and iCREWtek over a 6 month period. The support team at Include® Software was ready to jump in and assist us whenever we needed them. However, for the most part we were able to utilize the support windows that are a part of the program.

The Results

How has Asset made a difference for your company?

With Asset and iCREWtek we were able to save over $200,000 in overhead costs. We found we were able to streamline our paperwork and administrative processes dramatically, resulting in the elimination of a maintenance branch manager, two division assistants, an accounting assistant, and a controller.

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