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Simply the best app for real-time crew connectivity

The best landscaping companies choose iCREWtek for one good reason: It works.

The mobile app companion, iCREWtek, quickly connects the office with operations, letting employees focus on productive work, not paperwork.

iCREWtek is only available to Asset software users.

Connect the office instantly with your crews, keeping them productive


Organize work in a flexible grid, making it easy to identify what needs to get done now.


All information needed for the day is sent to the crew leader’s mobile device.


Job cost detail, time, material, site notes, and more, are uploaded automatically in near real time.


Administrative data entry is virtually eliminated. Data is simply reviewed and posted.



  • Easy to train and use
  • Change employee assignments
  • Supports Device Localization for English & Spanish
  • Take job photos
  • Record additional work & materials
  • Email status notifications to clients and/or employees
  • Map routes
  • Track GPS locations
  • Manage subcontractors
  • Note weather conditions



  • Paperless
  • Accurate crew data entry in near real time
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced overhead
  • Job costing is automated
  • Invoicing daily
  • Prevents missed billing
  • Subcontractors paid faster
  • Client communication improved
  • Labor time accurate and job specific
  • Job photos retained for later use
  • GPS tracking for accuracy and accountability
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Find an Easier Way


Wishing you could implement software into the hands of your crew leaders to help operations run more smoothly and profitably? There are a lot of programs and apps that promise they can make it happen, but do they really know the landscape industry's unique challenges?

At Include Software, we want you to find a solution that works and is easy for your team to learn. So you can choose the right tool for your team, we've created this helpful guide to compare business software side by side and make a confident choice.



iCREWtek gives our crews everything they need to track time and materials used on jobs.  Their budget versus actual hours are reported daily and show us how efficient our crews are operating. 
The crew time entry that was done by a full time administrative person has been eliminated.  This has added directly to the profitability of EDI.

Environmental Designs Inc – Layli Alston

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