10 Crucial Business Reports

Numbers Your Landscaping Company Needs on a Regular Basis


Easy Reporting that Means Something

Are you making the best decisions you can on limited information?

You may have a good gut-feeling of what is happening in your landscape company, but you know that if you could easily pull the right information (and understand it), you would make better decisions for your business.

In This Tip Sheet

There are hundreds of reports you could pull, but a few stand out as the most important. In this tip sheet you'll learn about:

  • Reports to track important sales metrics
  • Operations reports to make wise decisions
  • Getting important data on your customers and employees
  • How to analyze essential data on your company's current financial status

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Bottom line, this software is a product that we build our business with, that will not grow obsolete over time, and that we will never outgrow. We love it. It’s been a great investment. We have added several team members in sales as well as office staff that have used other software products and they can’t believe how easy it is for them to learn and use over what they use to struggle with.

Bruce Birdsong

Precision Landscape Management

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