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Sales Jam 2015

Sales JAM 2015 took a different course this year.  Instead of visiting a “famous landscape” or “garden” as we have done in the past, this year we headed south to Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  Like many who are reading this, you are probably asking yourself the same thing I did, what in the heck and where in the heck is Muscle Shoals, AL and why had Jim picked this place to go?

Muscle Shoals has nothing to do with landscaping.  It is about in the middle of nowhere.  Why Muscle Shoals?

My questions were soon answered as the story of Rick Hall and F A M E Recording studios was told and experienced.

Does Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones, The Beetles, or maybe Tim McGraw, Alicia Keys sound familiar?  These famous artist and hundreds of others all recorded hits in Muscle Shoals, AL.  All because one man, Rick Hall, had a dream and drive to succeed.  He saw things differently, he pushed to be better, he had vision, passion and the tenacity to challenge very talented musicians, stereotypes and racial barriers to the side to help him achieve his passion.  This is why we came to Muscle Shoals, to get away from the way we do things every day in the sales world.  To step outside of our norm, to look at selling in a different way with a new set of lenses, to change our “character” when we return to the “everyday” life of sales.

Sales JAM in Muscle Shoals came at the perfect time.  With the spring and summer rush complete; we head into the fall with revitalized character and new perspective on sales and what success means.

Check out this video to see photos from Sales Jam 2015!

Sales Jam 2015 Sales Jam 20152

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