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Giving Back: INCLUDE’s Miles Kuperus Volunteers Renewal & Remembrance

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Renewal & Remembrance event, hosted annually by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). Having grown up in the Green Industry, this...

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How Guided Learning Can Help You Learn How to Master Landscape Business Software

Learning a new landscape business software program can be challenging, even for the seasoned user of technology. Whether you’ve already had a software program and you are switching to something new, or you’ve never had landscape business software before, there will undoubtedly be learning curves...

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QuickBooks for Landscaping Companies: 5 Signs You've Outgrown Your Software

Chances are you've used QuickBooks for landscaping, at least at some point in your business. Most landscape contractors have. Actually, most small business owners in general, have—after all, it is not industry-specific software. QuickBooks can work just fine for many businesses in their early...

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How to Proactively Secure Snow Plowing Contracts for Your Landscape Company

If you are not a snow-exclusive business and securing snow plowing contracts is not constantly on your mind, then you could fall into the trap of waiting until the last minute to start working on your snow sales. This happens to a lot of landscaping companies, so by no means are you alone. 


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4 Signs You Need New Landscape Business Management Software at Your Landscaping Company

As the CEO, it is your responsibility to oversee your landscaping company as a whole and make sure that it’s running as best that it possibly can. In order to ensure that, you’ve likely implemented various tools over the years, including potential software solutions. But how do you know when the...

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Age and New Landscape Business Management Software Adoption: Some Surprising Revelations

Technology is part of our everyday lives—and becomes more so every day. From online shopping to using devices to remain informed or connect with others, technology is used daily and that’s no different for those age 50 and older. Over 90 percent of adults over 50 own a computer or laptop, 70...

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The Benefits of Visual Reporting for Your Landscape Business

Data is so important when it comes to how you run your business. If you’re regularly looking at data through a landscape business report, then you’re likely making major decisions based on what you read.

But what you see is also so important. In fact, one might argue that seeing is understanding.

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6 Time-Saving Tips for Scheduling Landscaping Projects & Routes

Scheduling landscaping work can be one of the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of running a business. It can also be an area where efficiency can be lost if smart decisions aren’t made.

Losing 10 minutes here or there might not sound like a big deal but it can really start to add up over...

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5 Tips to Get Paid Faster by Landscaping Customers (Plus a Look at Customer Portal Software)

Getting paid in an efficient manner is important when it comes to maintaining a healthy cash flow at your landscaping business. After all, having multiple clients fall behind on payments can become quite detrimental when you have your own bills to pay.

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Tips for Determining Markup on Landscape Materials and How to Track Profit at Your Company

Are you performing the right markup on landscape materials so that you are keeping jobs profitable? Or, on the flip side, are you marking materials up so dramatically that it’s making you lose sales?

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How to Set Up and Track a Landscape Employee Incentive Program

Keeping landscaping team members motivated to continue working hard is essential given the state of the industry and how challenging it is to find new hires. Retention is the name of the game. But how exactly can you encourage workers to stay? And, on top of that, how can you continue to engage...

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