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10 Things Landscaping Companies Should Be Doing to Prepare for Fall

The summer is well underway, but for landscaping companies, now is the perfect time to prepare for the fall season. From maintenance tasks to seasonal upgrades, proper preparation can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your clients' landscapes while ensuring a smoother transition into...

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Landscaping Labor: Optimal Pricing for Profitability

Ensuring a fair pricing structure for labor is vital in the landscaping industry. Profitability hinges on charging appropriately for your services, not only to cover expenses but also to secure a sustainable profit margin. This article offers insights on determining a reasonable labor charge that...

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Avoid the Perilous Pitfalls of Underpricing

In the fiercely competitive world of landscaping, it is a standard business maneuver to underprice services in an attempt to win a contract. Many firms, especially newcomers, fall into this trap, believing it to be a successful strategy for gaining a foothold in the market. However, consistently...

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Excelling in Selling Landscape Services: Key Steps for Success

Imagine shaping the look and feel of a space outdoors, like the garden in your backyard or the lawn at a local park. That's exactly what landscape services do! If you provide these services, knowing how to sell them well is essential. Let's explore some key techniques to succeed in this field.

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Getting More Out of Your Key Performance Indicator Dashboards

Having data at your fingertips can be a powerful tool—but only if you’re using it wisely. Include’s iKPI dashboard is a visual analysis tool that allows users to view data quickly and in an easy-to-read format.

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Summertime Lawn and Landscaping Challenges to Prepare your Clients for Now

Each season brings its own set of lawn and landscaping needs—and challenges—and summer is no different. While we often think of summer as a time of relaxation—perhaps a chance to spend time at the pool or beach—for the lawn or landscape, summer can be a time of multiple threats. 

From scorching...

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An Eye on Organic Lead Generation

With more organic lead traffic coming your way, how you track and move those leads forward is important 

There’s been more attention on organic leads than ever before—and that’s not surprising. With the internet at our fingertips, most people turn to search engines to start seeking out products or...

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Creating a Culture of Accountability How metrics and analytics can help

Last month, we talked about the way in which reporting can help landscape business owners to keep a finger on the pulse of business. We spoke to Meredith Jedlicka, training coordinator for Ed Castro Landscape in Atlanta, Georgia, and she shared how reporting helps to create goals for the...

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Reporting to Keep a Finger on the Pulse of Business

Ed Castro Landscape is using reporting to make the best possible business decisions  

The best way to keep your finger on the pulse of business activity is with reporting. Staying on top of data helps you to make the best business decisions. Meredith Jedlicka, training coordinator for Ed Castro...

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Budgeting and Forecasting for 2021

As we look ahead to another year, many folks are continuing to plan both from a budgeting and a forecasting perspective for their business in 2021. With the COVID-19 pandemic still causing ripple effects that will impact business in the future, many landscape business owners are being prudent about...

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