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How Landscaping Career Pathways Reduce Employee Turnover

If you’re worried about retaining landscaping employees, you aren’t alone. No matter what trade show, conference, or other green industry events you attend, listen to the chatter and you’ll likely hear about the same struggles come up again and again.

Landscape business owners nationwide are all...

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3 Innovative Recruitment Strategies for Landscaping Companies

Recruiting in the landscape industry is often cited as being one of the biggest challenges landscape business owners face. How many times have you heard an industry peer say (or maybe you’ve even said it yourself), “I just can’t find good people!”

There’s no question that it’s become...

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Implementing Green Industry Software with Spanish Speaking Crews

According to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the landscape industry is comprised of 35% Hispanic workers. Many of the companies employing a Spanish-speaking workforce say that they still struggle with language barriers. They often utilize several bilingual employees to serve as...

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