Choosing an efficient payment processing solution is crucial in the dynamic business world. While competitive options have been widely used, Include Payments, the first app released in our innovative cloud-based platform, Include GO, offers a more advanced, tailored solution. This makes Include Payments an increasingly popular choice over conventional processors. 


Customized and Cost-Effective Credit Card Rates

The Limitation of Fixed Rates - Similar services often have higher interchange rates and additional per-transaction fees. These fixed-rate structures can significantly increase costs, particularly for businesses with frequent transactions.

Include Payments’ Flexible Pricing - In stark contrast, Include Payments, in partnership with Global Payment, offers variable credit card rates capped at 3% and, notably, without transaction fees. This flexibility ensures that businesses pay only for what they need, leading to substantial cost savings, especially for high transaction volumes.

Streamlined Processes for Enhanced Efficiency

The Challenge of Manual Processes - Manually adding convenience fees to credit card transactions is time-consuming and prone to error.

The Automated Solution Include Payments - Our app within Include GO automates this process, removing the burden of manual calculations and ensuring accuracy and efficiency. This streamlines your operations, allowing your team time to focus on more strategic activities.

Maximizing Business Resources

The Burden of Manual Effort and High Fees - Manual operations and elevated transaction fees can deplete a business’s financial and human resources.

The Include Payments Advantage - By reducing manual work and lowering fees, Include Payments, as part of Include GO, helps conserve critical resources. This shift lets businesses concentrate on core activities that drive growth and innovation.

Seamless Integration and a Partnership Approach

Transition Concerns - Adopting a new payment system raises questions about compatibility and the complexities of changing systems.

Our Commitment to Easy Integration - Include Payments, as a part of Include GO, is engineered for effortless integration with Asset’s existing AR Manager, Bank Manager, and banking institutions. Our service extends beyond a tool; it’s a partnership, ensuring smooth integration into your business operations for a seamless transition.

Innovation with Include GO

Pioneering with Our First App

Include Payments is not just another payment processing app; it’s the inaugural application in our revolutionary cloud-based platform, Include GO. This positions it at the forefront of technological advancement, offering cutting-edge solutions that are adaptable, scalable, and efficient.

Include Payments, as part of Include GO, stands out as the superior choice for businesses seeking an innovative and efficient payment processing solution. With its automated processes, focus on resource optimization, and seamless integration, Include Payments goes beyond a typical service – it’s the first part of our business solution. Embrace the future of payment processing with Include Payments and Include GO, and experience unparalleled efficiency, cost savings, and operational excellence.

Interested in how Include Payments and Include GO can transform your business? Reach out for a personalized consultation and explore the best payment processing solutions tailored to your company's unique needs.

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