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Getting More Out of Your Key Performance Indicator Dashboards

Having data at your fingertips can be a powerful tool—but only if you’re using it wisely. Include’s iKPI dashboard is a visual analysis tool that allows users to view data quickly and in an...

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How Payment Apps Help Your Landscape Business Grow

As the owner of a landscape business, you know that spring means a lot of work and higher costs for materials and workers. But, you also know that sometimes the money coming in doesn't match the money going out. So, how can you solve this problem? One easy way is to use payment apps that allow...

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5 Reasons to Attend iCollaborate

At Include, we’ve been dedicated to helping our users’ businesses grow and thrive. This is why our annual user conference – iCollaborate – has been so important to us over the years.

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Understanding Convenience Fees

When finalizing a transaction – whether online or in person — with a credit card, it’s likely you’ve come across an additional fee referred to as a “convenience fee”.

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